An Exclusive Conversation w/ Corey Blair (Part 3)

An Exclusive Conversation w/ Corey Blair (Part 3)

Round 3 with the one-and-only, Corey Blair from Break The Chains Media

Show notes

The fun continues!

Corey Blair from Break The Chains Media has arrived once again -- for another amazing chat with yours truly!

So today -- you get TWO, not one, but TWO patriotic, free-thinking, freedom-loving, content creators giving it to you long, hard, and rough! Just the way Klaus Schwab likes it!

From some current events stuff -- to the nature of reality itself -- to the collapse of the petro-dollar system -- to the upcoming hoax UFO invasion -- to the WEF/WHO treaty thing that is about to steal the sovereignty of 194 nations -- to We The People's grand ascension into higher-dimensional awareness, and so much more!

Oh Mylanta!

It's just juicy. Everything about this is juicy.

What are you waiting for? Strap on and dive in!


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