An Exclusive Interview w/ Michael Tsarion (Part 2)

An Exclusive Interview w/ Michael Tsarion (Part 2)

Michael Tsarion, the iconic author, researcher, and podcaster graces SOMTV for his second time.

Show notes

I'm strongly considering filing the necessary paperwork to legally make Michael Tsarion my uncle -- if such a thing is possible. I frickin' love this man and his mind. I'm so honored to have Michael back on the show today!

Yes indeed my friends -- he is here once again and we are diving deep back into the madness of the day!

Today's discussion is very wide-ranging as Michael's work is vast and extensive.

Occult symbolism, psychology, astrology, humanity's awakening, facing fears and accepting hard truths, UFOs, and so much more.

Get your pens and notebooks out for this one -- much to unpack.

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