An Exclusive Interview w/ Sean Danielsen (Part 2)

An Exclusive Interview w/ Sean Danielsen (Part 2)

Sean Danielsen from Smile Empty Soul returns for another epic conversation.

Show notes

Ladies and djentlmen, get your grown-up undies on for this one!

It's been about 6 months since we did our first amazing podcast together -- today he is back -- the one-and-only Sean Danielsen from Smile Empty Soul!

If you haven't seen or listened to Round 1 with Sean -- I strongly suggest you do so because folks have said it's one of his best interviews out there and of course it's from a half a year ago and is going to trail nicely into this one.

We get deep into it folks!

Catching up with Sean on the business of course and the upcoming tour dates -- THREE of which are here in Wisconsin...

5/20/22 - The Backbar in Janesville (SOMTV crew will be at this one) 8/17/22 - 1175 in Kansasville 8/19/22 - Stormy's in beaver-filled Beaver Dam

Of course we get into topics like navigating this ever-changing mad world, what we may or may not be dealing with right now in terms this actual apocalypse that it's underway, the medical industrial complex, free thinking, the war on children, and so much more!

Sean is an absolute truth-teller, a critical thinker, and a genuine soul. I'm very pleased to have him on once again!

This conversation isn't for the sheep -- okay -- it's for the lions! So get amped!


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