Souled Out - S 9: Ep 2

Souled Out - S 9: Ep 2

Find Yourself. Wrestle Yourself. Know Yourself.

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Ladies and gentlemen, hit the deck! Take cover! Nuclear bombs could be headed our way at any minute!

Just playin' -- take a damn chill pill!

Not going to lie -- this is quite the show here. Lot's going on as usual! I hope you enjoyed the MashUp in the beginning, because a lot of today's drama is revolving around the Ukraine/Russia situation -- and as we all know -- the media will never tell us what's really going on there.

On top of that -- Wisconsin is leading the decertification effort, because Gableman is a badass!

More evil COVID revelations come to light -- including YOUR tax dollars going toward the corrupt media to push the vaccine.

Somatic Intelligence. What's that?

And much more!



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Jo Bradley

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