Souled Out - S 9: Ep 3

Souled Out - S 9: Ep 3

Find Yourself. Wrestle Yourself. Know Yourself.

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Welcome back everyone! It's been a minute or two since we dropped a new podcast episode! So many things happening here at the SOMTV HQ!

If you you haven't already seen/listened to my second round with Corey Blair (Break The Chains Media) and/or my very recent interview with David Whitehead (DWTruthWarrior) -- I strongly suggest you do so! Well worth it! Click HERE to access those talks.

Today's show (since I'm still coming down from a three-hour discussion with DWTruthWarrior) revolves around "the way of the warrior" -- applying some martial arts-related philosophy to humanity's current dilemma.

The Russia/Ukraine drama is not what the corporate media is telling us it is. COVID is bascially out of the news cycle all of a sudden. The laptop from hell is real -- which means lot's of bad things. The WHO thinks they will dissolve the constitutions of all nations by the end of May. Wisconsin's election fraud drama is heating up. And so much more!

Get stoked! Get your popcorn! Get your vape pens! Dive in -- and enjoy!


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