Souled Out - S 9: Ep 4

Souled Out - S 9: Ep 4

Find Yourself. Wrestle Yourself. Know Yourself.

Show notes

SHOW START // 51:07

BQQM! How are all my people doing today?!

Apologies for the delay on this episode. As you'll find out at the start of the show -- my #PreSonus interface bricked on me and set me back a few days. And of course with the new real-estate venture I'm frickin' busy as ever!

This show is packed with quite a lot to chew on as we are making up for some lost time.

Some amazing announcements in-house since we're coming down from the amazing interview I just did with Sean Danielsen from Smile Empty Soul.

Some local, Wisconsin-based news for you. Ongoing commentary on the world at large. Russia/Ukraine narrative collapse. Don't Say Gay / LGBTQIA+ madness. Pfizer document dump shows they are playing murder-death-kill with the entire planet. The Great Awakening and how it seems to be moving along quite nicely.

As usual -- so much to talk about -- and so little time!

Shout out to YOU and all of our awesome supporters! Thank you for all you do! Much love!



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