Souled Out - S 9: Ep 8

Souled Out - S 9: Ep 8

Find Yourself. Wrestle Yourself. Know Yourself.

Show notes

SHOW START // 58:26

Welcome back my friends! Oh, how I missed you all!

We have much to catch up on. The world is rapidly changing!

And what about all these SCOTUS rulings?! OMG!

2nd Amendment defended. Right to life defended. EPA (and by default other three-letter agencies) reeled in. 'Remain in Mexico' -- overruled? Yikes!

It appears the good guys are indeed winning this war, however there is so much more on the horizon as the best is yet to come!

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy the new episode! And let's work together to save this great nation!


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Jo Bradley

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